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READ Foundation envisions to increase access to quality education by expanding into remote areas where schools are non-existent. ​

The Open a School project involves opening a school on a rental basis for the first year in a location where there is no presence of schools. The staff is hired and trained as part of the project, along with furnishing the school with chairs and desks and purchasing essential equipment. ​

The donor receives a monthly update along with a consolidated final report.

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Open a School" project, aims to bridge the education gap and empower communities.

In areas devoid of educational facilities, we take the lead in establishing schools from scratch. Our dedicated team carefully selects and trains staff members, ensuring they possess the skills and knowledge to deliver high-quality education to students. We also take the necessary steps to register the school with the relevant authorities, ensuring compliance with educational standards and regulations.

To optimise resources, we adopt a cost-effective approach by renting suitable buildings instead of undertaking expensive construction projects. This enables us to allocate more resources towards educational programs, providing students with the necessary tools and equipment for a well-rounded learning experience.

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Every single child is special and unique, and it is their human right to grow up in a safe, nurturing environment. READ Foundation has been at the forefront of taking care of orphans for years.
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