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As the year draws to a close, many of us look forward to starting anew, setting intentions for a brighter year ahead. However, this period brings challenges for many children around the world, where the bitter cold of winter adds to the adversity they face daily, such as violence, conflict, abuse, and displacement.

With inadequate winter clothing and insufficient heating, these young souls face the harsh realities of winter with little to shield them. Their homes and makeshift shelters offer scant protection against the biting cold, compromising their safety and well-being.

We at READ Foundation recognize that education is a powerful pathway out of poverty, but to embark on this journey, surviving the winter is paramount.

In our commitment to nurture minds and protect lives, we are not only providing educational and learning resources but also delivering essential winter aid. Our campaign extends to the provision of winter clothing—coats, thermal wear, hats, gloves, scarves—and vital necessities such as food packs, heaters, fuel, mattresses, blankets, and waterproofing measures for children in need across Pakistan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Yemen.

We stand poised to alter these harsh conditions, to offer these children a chance to thrive and reshape their futures.

Your support is the cornerstone of this mission. Together, we can bring warmth and hope to these young hearts.

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Can provide 5 children with a nutritious hot meal at school to keep them fuller for longer.



Can provide a winter pack which includes winter clothing and a nutritious hot meal for a child



Can provide winter packs which includes winter clothing and a nutritious hot meal for two children

Pakistan - Embracing Warmth in the Face of Harsh Winters

In Pakistan, where many orphans face the brunt of cold without the solace of familial warmth, READ's program is a beacon of hope. Providing winter clothing such as jackets and sweaters, along with essentials like hats and gloves, ensures these vulnerable children can withstand the cold. A blanket not just wards off the chill but offers a wrap of care.

Lebanon - Nutritious Sustenance Amidst Refugee Struggles

Lebanon, hosting a significant refugee population, sees many children braving winter without proper nutrition. READ steps in with hot meals for schoolchildren, combining education with essential nourishment. Chicken with rice, alongside servings of fruit and vegetables, helps them stay focused on learning, despite the adversities.

Turkiye - Support Through Seasonal Hardships

In Turkiye, where refugee children strive for a semblance of normalcy, READ provides not only education but the warmth of winter clothing. As temperatures plummet, the foundation ensures that boots and socks are there to protect the little feet that walk the path to school.

Yemen - Aiding Resilience in Crisis

Yemen's ongoing crisis amplifies the cold's impact on its young students. READ's intervention with winter apparel is a critical support to their resilience. In classrooms, the provision of yogurt and vegetables as part of hot meals fuels both body and hope for a brighter future.

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Night shelter & Drop in centre
READ Foundation has established drop-in centres as shelters for children in need. This protects them from the dangers of child labour, drugs and sexual exploitation. Our staff are well-equipped with skills and expertise to support and protect them.
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